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Inspired by Master Chef

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This summer my family and I have caught the Master Chef bug.  Every Monday and Tuesday we curl up on the couch together and watch the Home Cooks compete for a chance to win cash and publish their own cookbook.  Well, this past Monday, July, 23rd, they held a competition between two previously cut competitors.  The food…Fruit Tart (not like the rustic one I posted here).  Needless to say I was inspired.

As I sat there on the couch, watching the two competitors kick out this dessert, I wondered how I could duplicate that using alternative ingredients.  Granted the creme would not be a pastry creme, but more of a mousse.  Then what would I use for the crust.  Immediately went to one of my favorite sites and did a search.  It wasn’t a traditional crust, but it would definitely be tasty with the mousse and fruit.  So I set my mind to recreating the Master Chef challenge dessert.

Last night, my son and I purchased all the ingredients that I would use today.  As I started pulling all my pantry items and baking apparatus, my husband encouraged my son to time me, like on Master Chef.  Instead of 45 minutes, I had an hour and ten minutes.  My son loves me, but he set the time while I was still pulling all my items.  Still the process was an interesting one.  Just about everything that could go wrong did.  I burnt my first crust (black does not look so appetizing) and my mousse was liquified as I put too many egg whites in and over beat the yogurt.  I didn’t have any extra to help thicken, so once my second crust was done, my fruit chopped and all else complete, I ran out to get more Greek yogurt.  Upon return, I added two more 60z containers some Truvia instead of Maple syrup, and a little more vanilla.  It worked!  My filling was saved!  Now I could finish my tart.

Here is the basics of what I did to make a more nutritional version.  Keep in mind, the measurements below for the Mousse are what I used to for this pass and to correct my mistake.  I will post corrected measurements once I have found the right balance.

Cinnamon Cookie Pie Crust

Please visit Comfy Belly for this recipe.  I have not altered it in any way for this recipe other than used a spring form tin and only baked for 15 minutes.  The Pyrex pie dish at 20 minutes burned my crust.  So keep that in mind when making it.


Mousse Filling (as made here)

4 – 6 oz containers of strained Greek yogurt *

2 Tbsp powdered egg whites

12 Tbsp water*

2 Tbsp Maple Syrup *

1 Tbsp Vanilla (add more if you don’t taste it)


Fruit Topping (may use seasonal fruit)

1 container Raspberries

1 container Blackberries

1 Small container Strawberries

1 1/2 tsp Truvia


1.  Bake the crust as specified by Comfy Belly.  Only, I used a spring-form pan and pressed my crust into it making sort of a crater.  Once in the oven, begin prepping your Mousse.

2.  Combine egg whites and water then whisk.  Once blended well, pour into the mixer bowl.  (I would recommend keeping the egg white measurement but decrease the water by 1/2).

3.  Add in yogurt, sugar (maple syrup or truvia), vanilla and whip together until you see some thickening and peaking (recommend only whipping yogurt 3 minutes)

4.  Put mousse filling into refrigerator to chill a bit.  It’s okay if it sets some.

5.  Wash and drain fruit.  Cut each in half.  Place in individual bowls and sprinkle with Truvia (you may use honey if you desire).  Set aside while crust cools.

6.  Once crust is cool, pour mousse into center, but don’t cover edges as you want some edge crust showing.  Let it set up for about 30-min to an hour and then gently place the sliced fruit in an artful pattern on the top and refrigerate until ready to serve.


*  Here is how I plan to alter these ingredients.  Cut yogurt to 2- 60z containers; reduce water by half; change Maple syrup to Truvia as it is sweeter and has no calories and only 3 carbs).


Some Nutritional Information about Foods Used here:

Raw Honey – it is a one-to one for Sugar, but your body processes it slower thus lowering it’s Glycemic Index value.  While it may be 16g Carbs per tablespoon and 60 calories, your body will like you better than using refined sugar.

Almond Flour – 1/4 cup has 160 calories, 6 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar, and 6 grams of dietary fiber (yeah…it’s good for ya).

Strained Greek Yogurt – 1- 6 oz container has a 100 calories with 0 fat grams, 7 grams of sugar (naturally not added), 18 gram of protein.

Powdered Egg Whites –  2 teaspoons has 10 calories and 3 grams of protein and 0 fat.

Truvia – o calories and 3 grams of carbs.


The above dessert as a whole (not per serving) has approximately 2430 calories,  128 g Fat, 126 g Protien and 24 g Dietary Fiber.   If you divide your tart into 12 equal parts, the serving count would look something like this : 203 calories, 11g Fat, 11g Protein, 2 g Dietary Fiber, 23 carbs.  The fruit was not part of these calculations hence the phrase “approximately.”


So enjoy and don’t feel guilty about treating yourself with this healthy dessert!






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