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Angry Birds Star Wars – Cake Toppers

Due to my son’s birthday falling during Winter break, we tend to hold his parties either two weeks before or two weeks after his actual Birthday.  This year it was two weeks after.   I’m glad as doing it in December would have been next to impossible…and an entirely different theme.

This year he chose the theme of Angry Birds Star Wars.  It’s always something interesting and difficult to find.  While I can find Angry Birds (referred to AB) and Angry Birds Space items, AB Star Wars was no where to be had.  So I made due with what was available.  Still came out great.  However, there was a catch to all the planning.  My son wanted me to make his cake.  To my son this means a sculpted fondant decorated masterpiece.  I had done WALL-E two years ago.   At the time I said yes, my mind forgot to remind me we were having construction done on our house the week of the party.  Yeah.  This was going to be fun.

So after about six design options, we ended up with a design that called for two AB Star Wars characters and a sheet cake done 1/2 white and 1/2 chocolate.  The fun part was finding a way to make the characters.  I knew I wanted to use Fondant so I could get a nice smooth detail.  The other was the shape.  The birds are not precisely round.  At first, I thought of using mini-bundt cakes to make them, but not being able to locate the appropriate size needed, I stumbles upon a four-up cake tin that was designed to make a cake ballroom skirt for dolls.  The look more like half an egg.  Not perfect, I thought at first, but workable.   The pan is by Celebrate It and is a new product to Michael’s.  Thus, I got real lucky.

As baking progressed, my two sheet cakes fell apart.  Literally.  The cakes were delicious, but very moist and apparently didn’t like how I floured and greased the pans.  The four-up cake tin came out with a bit of luck.  I had made four thinking I would have back ups in case I messed up or one or more fell apart coming out of the pan.  So now I have four bird bodies and no sheet cakes…and it is late on Thursday.  I won’t be able to bake on Friday until after 6PM due to construction.  I had planned it out that on Thursday was cake making, Friday was cake decorating.  Well, that didn’t quite work out, as you can imagine.  So to save time, I purchased the sheet cakes from a local grocery store. Still with the idea of one white cake and one chocolate cake.  You know…the light side and the dark side of the force.  Yes, I was geeking it up!  This left me with just the characters to decorate, and a plan started to form to make Luke, Leia, and Han as well as Darth Vader.


The first one I created was Darth Vader or Darth Piggie.

After making the cake, I iced it with a crumb layer of buttercream icing and refrigerated it.(I did this for all four).  In the meantime, I formulated my plan of attack.  It seemed like a good one, but when I executed it, well, it didn’t look as good as it was in my head.  Being my first one, I expected that.

I used Wilton’s black fondant.  Softened and rolled.  Did a base layer that I then carved the face into using a chopstick, and another layer that made the helmet.  Here is the finished product.




Like Darth Vader, I did a base layer.  This time, I didn’t do any sculpting.  I just covered the iced cake with red Wilton’s fondant.  Then using a variety of colored fondant, I proceeded to make the rest of Luke.  This was fun as I had to look at images and try and match that in cut fondant.  Colors used were red, white, brown, light brown, yellow and black.



After Luke came, I began work on HAN SOLO.

Han was a little more complicated, due to the white shirt  and collar with black jacket.  However, I think I did a pretty good job.  Luckily I had two different colors of yellow so the beak and body didn’t blend entirely.



Of course, the set wouldn’t be complete without PRINCESS LEIA.  Plus, I had girls attending the party and therefore, really felt she needed to be in attendance.

She is a Flesh Pink fondant with white for her robe, brown for her hair (rolled out long snake like pieces and then coiled them for buns).  She had blue eyes so needed a little blue fondant and make little rolls of black for her eye lashes.  The girls at the party LOVED this one.



Thinking I was done, my husband convinced my son that I needed to make Yoda.  Luckily I had green fondant, but was low on light brown.   Oh and did I fail to mention it was the one character I had not seen an image of in all my AB Star Wars research?  So my husband found one and I build a Yoda out of solid fondant. This was the other character that people geeked out over.




Here is the final appearance once placed on the cakes (Photos below by Jasmine DeFoore).

JJ-Birthday-017  JJ-Birthday-015JJ-Birthday-016



Hope you enjoyed looking at these and good luck making your own!  It was quite a bit of fun with a great payoff…a smiling and excited group of First Graders!


About Theresa S.

Theresa is a mother of a wonderful boy, wife to a loving husband, and resides in Austin, Tx

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